More than eight years of war and chronic shortages of supplies and staff have led to a complex humanitarian crISIS.


                 OUR WORK IN Yemen

Civilians continued to bear the brunt of more than eight years of conflict in Yemen. MSF provides lifesaving care to people injured or displaced by the fighting, as well as those suffering from malnutrition and lack of access to essential services.

People in Yemen face a perfect storm of humanitarian needs

Since the start of the war in Yemen more than eight years ago, tens of thousands of people have been killed or injured, and more than four million have been displaced. While the fighting itself has decreased following last year's ceasefire, it's left in its wake a worsening health and humanitarian crisis; there are shortages of medical supplies and staff, primary health care is often too expensive for people to access amid a collapsed economy, malnutrition rates were alarmingly high last year, and a lack of access to routine vaccination has led to outbreaks of preventable diseases like measles, tetanus, and diphtheria. People's needs are intersecting here in a way that forms a perfect storm.

What's happening inYemen?

The conflict and the recent escalation from the warring parties has increased the vulnerability of the Yemeni people. Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) not only provided lifesaving care to people injured in these outbreaks of violence, but also treated patients suffering the long-term effects of war, such as mental healthmalnutrition, and difficulties in accessing essential services such as mother and child care.

Five reasons why acute child malnutrition is surging in Yemen
Five reasons why acute child malnutrition is surging in Yemen

How we're helping in YemenDirect impacts of the war on health in Yemen

During 2021, we deployed teams to treat war-wounded patients across the country, from Mocha in the west to Marib in the east.

Our hospital in Mocha responded to multiple mass-casualty incidents in November as the frontline south of Hodeidah, where Ansar Allah is fighting a coalition of armed groups allied to the government, saw intense fighting.

List Of Our Staffs In Yemen. 

List Of Our Doctors In Yemen
List Of Our Doctors In Yemen
  1. Dr John Wolverton 
  2. Dr Eddie Brooks 
  3. Frank Wilson 
  4. Dr Peter Davis 
  5. Dr Robin Edward
  6. Dr MC William 
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